Preferred Travel For Executives

J.D. Aviation operates from its headquarters in Rochester to ensure you’re always going to have a safe and enjoyable journey. Our customers benefit from the ability to easily travel to their desired location in a timely matter. DiMarco Group is pleased to offer corporate and leisure travel with unparalleled comfort and amenities. The Cessna Citation Latitude , the number one best-selling midsize business jet, is a stand-up cabin aircraft with comfortable seating for up to nine passengers, and includes internet connectivity for uninterrupted smart device usage.

The Latitude is capable of flying nearly 7 hours and offers coast-to-coast range under almost all conditions even out of shorter runways, including those typically not accessible by larger commercial aircraft.

The aircraft features state-of-the-art avionics and safety enhancements. This includes a SYNTHETIC VISION TECHNOLOGY (SVT) which gives pilots a realistic picture of terrain, obstacles, traffic and runways which enhances awareness, performance, and safety for everyone on board. The charter provides a high-speed WI-FI internet and a premium sound system, providing connection and comfort.

J.D. Aviation maintains continuity and efficiency giving professionals added time to travel to and from sites and the availability to make multiple stops. Cessna Citation Latitude not only increases face-to-face customer experiences but an increase in flexibility in business and leisure travel. This includes managers and executives within the DiMarco family of companies to have the direct and quick access to where their customers need them.

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