Facilities Maintenance

We can meet all your indoor and outdoor facilities maintenance needs–from repairs & renovations to landscaping–through J. DiMarco Builders

To deliver value and protect capital, our commercial facilities maintenance team will collaborate with corporate property owners and users. Our construction expertise offers us a competitive advantage and experience that no other local company can match when it comes to providing complete facilities maintenance. We collaborate with owners and investors around the clock to devise a strategy that protects the building’s worthwhile also increasing tenant happiness across the board.

We provide in-house services and careful management of outside vendors, as well as budgeting assistance. Our crew can provide emergency HVAC, plumbing, and other services, as well as preventative maintenance, inspection, and catastrophe preparation recommendations.

Available 24 hours a day, our OSHA-certified employees provide repairs in a timely manner to keep your business running in an emergency or when you just need a simple repair. We offer plumbing and electrical services, pipe repairs, and provide general maintenance quickly and efficiently.

Need to prepare your property for lease or sale? Let us assist with painting, power washing, sidewalk repairs, landscaping or other tasks.

As part of the DiMarco family of companies, we can meet all your construction needs. We have trained craftspeople in the areas of carpentry, masonry, roofing/siding, flooring and insulation. We can execute complete build-outs/remodels as well as complete insurance repairs.

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