DiMarco Group Answers Anticipated Industry Growth with Expansion and Evolution

Company Expands Portfolio of Services and Introduces Evolution of Corporate Identity

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — JUNE 3, 2014 — DiMarco Group’s team walked into the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Annual Convention in Las Vegas last week and for the first time unveiled a new brand identity, along with a full line of leasing services that enhance the company’s offerings to create a complete customer experience. With 32,000 participants representing the biggest names in the retail and service industries — such as Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Planet Fitness and Dollar General — the convention is the landmark event of the year for real estate professionals and was the perfect place to introduce the next evolution of DiMarco Group services.

In the real estate and construction industries, DiMarco Group can now do everything: lease, build, sell, represent, manage and even develop from the ground up. With the addition of new leasing services, including tenant and property owner representation, DiMarco Group has created a comprehensive construction and real estate development portfolio.

The DiMarco family of companies, which includes DiMarco Constructors, J DiMarco Builders, Baldwin Real Estate and ADMAR Construction Equipment & Supplies, provides a full spectrum of services. This includes real estate development, general contracting, facilities maintenance, construction equipment rental and sales, and property management. Through JD Aviation, DiMarco Group also offers private airplane charters.

The new leasing service offerings provide those looking to start or expand their business access to expert leasing professionals. DiMarco leasing professionals offer comprehensive support — from location identification, negotiation and lease management to full-scale real estate development.

To signal this expansion and accurately convey the company’s evolution, DiMarco Group introduced an enhanced corporate identity, including an updated logo and website. The new corporate identity represents the company’s future while signaling DiMarco Group’s timeless qualities. The new identity will be conveyed through all corporate marketing materials and was well received at the ICSC convention.

Established in 1910, DiMarco Group has grown under the direction of four generations of the DiMarco family. After starting in general contracting in the early 1900s, today the DiMarco family of companies spans New York and Pennsylvania. DiMarco Constructors is also regularly engaged to complete out-of-state projects.